Many people remember Javon from his 7 million dollar lawsuit with Beyoncé. Javon is a singer who accused B of stealing his song “XOXO” and releasing her version “XO”.

Since the lawsuit Javon has been touring but has runinto a sticky situation in Saipan. Below is the statement he released. Artist BEWARE!

“I was contacted by Allen Van Harris Entertainment in February to perform a number of shows at Club C in Saipan. I was flown out in February. The contract was worth approximately $10,000 for the shows. It is now 3 weeks later and I have only received a small percentage of the total value of the contract when they suddenly broke the contract. I understood and asked to be flown back to the U.S. but Allen Harris Entertainment and the management is refusing to give me the rest of the money that is owed and will not purchase my plane ticket home.

Since I am currently wrapping up the filming of my music video and upcoming projects, I will remain on the island for the moment, however once I’m done there will be no assistance returning to the states.

Allen Van Harris Entertainment and Club C are very unprofessional companies and should never be trusted with your safety in a foreign country. My goal is to alert any other singers/artists that might consider flying to this foreign place.