The documentary titled “Caribbean Paradise” starts promotion of its poster today through social networks, as a preview to the premier, in Venezuela and Brazil, of this film that shows the cultural richness, beautiful sceneries and characters of Venezuela, not to mention the problems it’s facing. Brazilian moviemaker Pedro Gravata, visited five zones of the also known as “Little Venetia”: Caracas, Lara, Zulia, Yaracuy and Los Roques, in the search of stories and testimonies from its people.

“Venezuela is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve visited”, said the maker, who pointed that the movie hasn’t yet a premier date for he is in the process of negotiating with some television channels in Latin-America and global internet platforms.
“I want all Venezuelans to see this movie, because they have to see the power their country has, which us foreigners can appreciate; the documentary shows this beautiful country from the perspective of a foreigner. It’s obvious that Venezuela needs to overcome many problems but it’s really a country that has everything to be a world power”, said the moviemaker.

Production of the film and its director, Pedro Gravata, are doing the paperwork, at the Venezuelan Embassy in Brasilia, for the director’s visa with the intention of showing the movie, in the future, in different cinemas of Venezuela.