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SHENZHEN, CHINA, November 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — MOWRATOR, a leading innovator in the field of robotics, proudly introduced its latest products at the October 2023 Equip Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. The MOWRATOR S1 for residential use, and the MOWRATOR P1 for commercial use. Both products received significant praise and garnered substantial interest at the expo.

During the expo, both the MOWRATOR S1 and P1, received excitement and interest from other industry leaders. Engineers from industry-leading companies including HUSQVARNA, STIHL, BOBCAT, and STANLEY BLACK & DECKER were impressed and appreciative of the innovations brought by the MOWRATOR. They provided valuable feedback and insight to the MOWRATOR development team.

The MOWRATOR also garnered enthusiasm and interest from attendees during the expo. Albert is a tenured outdoor-equipment sales representative, with over 30 years of sales experience. He shared his journey stating, “In April 2023, I first encountered MOWRATOR’s product prototype in Florida. and within just six months, I joined the team at the exhibition. I was pleasantly surprised to witness the team’s remarkable results and the interest in MOWRATOR from other industry giants.”

Eric Massey, a beta-test user from North Carolina, enthusiastically endorsed the intelligent design of MOWRATOR’s robotic mowers, emphasizing how it made his own lawn care easier. “I am fully dedicated to promoting this transformative change in the industry,” Eric expressed.

Anna Hu is MOWRATORs’ product manager, received her BA and Master’s degrees in engineering from Top universities in China. Anna is enthusiastic about revealing the value of the MOWRATOR, and the promise to provide more freedom to users during the yardwork. Anna also commented, “I really enjoy working with my teammates and coworkers. We have an amazing mix of talents. Some have years of industry experience, while others, like me, are of the younger generation. We all have a common goal to revolutionize the traditional outdoor equipment industry.”

Furthermore, at the end of expo, MOWRATOR received over hundreds of leads with industry partners ranging from landscaper to business owner. Distributors and dealers we met from California, Tennessee, and New York have already requested further information and cooperation opportunities with MOWRATOR.

Key Features of MOWRATOR:

Complete Lawn Care Process: Equipped with manual grass collection bag system, with the upgradeable option of an automatic grass collection and disposal bag. MOWRATOR P1 and S1 are equipped to efficiently mow lawns, collect grass clippings, and dispose of them, providing landscapers and homeowners with hassle-free lawn care experience.

All-metal frame structure with more efficient blade choice: Both P1 and S1 are equipped with all metal frames to be tougher and stronger while being operated. MOWRATOR is equipped with a 21″ blade to enhance user’s mowing experience, targeting at increasing the efficiency compared with most of robotics solution in the market.

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Shenzhen Zongguan Innovation Co., Ltd. is a forward-thinking robotics and automation company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology to make everyday tasks simpler, more efficient, and ecofriendly.

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