built for those who aspire to challenge the limit of the course

SHENZHEN, CHINA, April 27, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mileseey, the renowned leading brand for sport optics launched its newly upgraded golf rangefinder model, PF1, the best compact 1,000 yardages rangefinder ever featuring 0.1s instant flag-locking speed, IP65 waterproof level, record-breaking 90% light transmission, 7.5° wide field of view, and all the measuring features that a pro needs on the green—scan mode, flag-lock & vibration, slope distance compensation, slope switch. The compact golf rangefinder is truly built for pros who aspire to challenge the limit of the course.

The cutting edge laser rangefinder is currently crowdfunding at Kickstarter. Search and click back on this project at Kickstarter. Snatch the sleek and powerful golf ranging gadget early and get a great off of the price.

Why a high-quality golf-rangefinder plays an important part in golfing?
To consistently score well in golf, it’s crucial to have good distance control, course management, and reduce mistakes. Even professional golfers hit only a few perfect shots per round, while amateurs have larger gaps in their club distances. Therefore, utilizing a high-quality rangefinder and grasping rich distance information can help athletes play smarter and more strategically. This allows you to hit more greens and reduce lost balls by deciding on the best club to use and where to miss the green.

Golf rangefinders are also built to beat the odds against you on course. In many countries, it is rare to have perfect golf weather. Rain and wind can ruin a beautiful day and affect a golfer’s confidence and score. To master the sport, it’s important to be able to play well in bad weather. Professional golfers therefore need a high-quality golf rangefinder with a next-gen flag-locking algorithm and high waterproof level to maintain a high level of play on wet and windy days.

Key features:
Instant response: featuring next-gen flag-locking algorithm and FPGA chipset, PF1 provides a record-breaking measuring speed up to 0.1 seconds, giving you a super competitive edge in your game.

IP65 protection: an IP65 rating, one-piece fully-sealed casing ensure great durability to withstand extreme weather conditions, including rain, dew, humidity, and fogging.

Extra compact & lightweight: designed for golfers who need a lightweight and compact solution for bad weather or hilly courses, PF1 has an ultra-small size (3.782.521.42 inches) and allows you to easily use it with one hand and store it in your pocket.

High light transmission & wild FOV: BaK 4 Abbe Koenig prisms plus ultra-wild band & dielectric prism coating create stunning 90% light transmission. Plus, the 7.5°FOV offers a broader perspective than the typical 7°field of view of other golf rangefinders.

Tour-level distance and pinpoint accuracy: PF1 provides a 1,000 yards range with up to +/-1 yard accuracy thanks to its Reflective Signal Processing & Double Calibration(DC) technology. It’s the first mini 1000 yards rangefinder for added precision.

Scan mode: scan mode enables you to get valuable distance info on hazards, water features, and trees for better course understanding, planning, which helps make informed course management decisions and allows you to stay ahead of the game.

Versatile measuring features: PF1 instantly locks onto the flag with 100% accuracy and vibrates to confirm. The slope mode uses big data for accurate slope distance adjustment on uphill or downhill shots. A slope on/off indicator light indicates compliance to the game. It follows the USGA rule 14-3 in actual distance mode for tournament play.

Elegant & sleek design: The PF1 golf rangefinder’s matte white finish and precision metal construction give it an elegant and refined appearance that exudes class and sophistication. The machined metal body adds to its durability, making it a stylish and chic accessory for any golfer looking to elevate their game.

Simple button design and intuitive interface: the user-friendly design features a two-button system for power, measurement, flag scanning, unit switching, and slope control, along with a large, easy-to-read display showing various icons and distance measurements.The simple interface makes it an ideal choice for those valuing simplicity and efficiency in their golf equipment.

Outstanding battery performance: equipped with an 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery, PF1 offers up to 5 hours runtime and provides up to 15,000 measurements.The USB-C charging port allows for versatile charging options from power banks, car chargers, and outdoor power sources, ensuring a worry-free game.

PF1 VS. Bluetee series 3 pro & Bushnell tour 5
While all three golf rangefinders offer standard measuring features such as slope adjustment, flag-lock & vibration, with small gaps in pricing, PF1 surpasses its competitors in terms of field of view, light transmission, waterproof levels, battery performance, and portability. The wider and clearer field of view allows golfers to track targets with ease, while the high level of waterproofing capability ensures peace of mind for golfers playing in unpredictable weather conditions, and the longer battery life prevents the device from running out of power during extended games.

Pricing & availability
Planning to be 179$ for limited time sale, 199$ for super early birds at KS.
Planning to be 219$ for the pink version for early birds at KS.
Planning to be 389$ for a couple package comprising a silver version & a pink version at KS.
Planning to be available at official store website & Amazon for 299.99$ in May.

About us
MILESEEY is a prominent global leader that specializes in manufacturing sport optics & high-precision metering products, with over 15 years of perseverance and ingenuity in the field. Integrating R&D, manufacturing and customer support, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled product quality, knowledge, customer service, and fast shipping to our clients worldwide.

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