Charles Camilleri is officially announcing his candidacy for President of the United States of America as a Democrat.

DETROIT, MI, July 14, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Camilleri is running for president to instill hard-working values back into America. The American border is open, schools are in chaos, inflation is out of control, and there are many other issues America faces. Camilleri can no longer sit back and watch the country spiral out of control, so he is taking action by announcing his presidential candidacy.

Camilleri comes from a family of five generations of police officers. He knows the value of hard work. America is in a difficult place today and Camilleri sees a clear path to getting the country back on track. It will take unified support to take on these challenges, but they are well worth the effort and Camilleri is willing to fight until the end.

Camilleri believes, “With great power of the presidency comes great responsibility to the U.S. citizens.”

The American border is wide open, inflation is crippling families, and we are spending too much money on other countries instead of dealing with our own issues. Camilleri will address these issues from day one and work to restore the great lives Americans deserve.

According to Camilleri, “My focus will always be on solving the problems impacting Americans every single day. Too many political opponents spend more time downgrading each other instead of focusing on the real issues.” Camilleri is about instilling professionalism into politics and working together to improve America.

About Charles Camilleri: Anyone interested in learning more about Charles Camilleri and volunteering for his campaign can visit his website. All donations are welcomed and appreciated. It will take all of us to turn America around, but with a collective effort, we will succeed.

Committee Organization: Charles in Charge
Contact Name: Charles Camilleri
Email Address: [email protected]

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