Valley Cottage, NY, January 23, 2018 –(– Banker Investments, an equity-rich real estate investment services provider has disrupted the global real estate investment market by delivery of innovative business models and investment solutions targeted at improving overall performance. Banker investments is a New York based investment company established with the primary aim of empowering its investors through formulation of a robust platform and a ground-breaking paradigm shift which will fundamentally transform how the real estate investment services business is performed.

In the bid to achieve this aim, Banker investments offers stable and effective business solutions that combine strong property acquisition performance with a value-oriented asset management approach leading to the empowerment of the investors. Leveraging rich equity and comprehensive real estate expertise, Banker investments has succeeded in securing properties that offer its customers and business partners steady and sustainable income leading to their satisfaction, positive reviews and referrals. This expertise is unparalleled as the team at Banker investments has above 15 years of industrial experience working in many facets of the real estate market. Commercial, private, management, and even post purchase assistance are all features of the team at the company.

Banker investments offers many services to its valued clients in both the residential and commercial real estate markets worldwide. The company offers all-inclusive real estate investment services that create and add value for the investors throughout all phases of the property lifecycle: ranging from research and fund management, real estate acquisition, professional development projects, upgrading of existing holdings, active property management and letting through to the disposal of property holdings.

“Whether acquiring development projects, negotiating high-value transactions or entering into complex international joint venture deals, all our investments are safeguarded by active risk management,” stated the Vice President Banker Investments. “Our comprehensive opportunity and risk management also provide institutional investors with effective support around investment decisions, portfolio management, and regulatory matters.”

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