Newport Beach, CA, April 02, 2018 –(– Kodella LLC, a leading and experienced NetSuite development firm, has it announced that it is joining the NetSuite Alliance Partner Program. By partnering with Oracle NetSuite, an industry-leading provider of cloud-based business software solutions, Kodella is able to change the game for companies looking to scale up business, improve workflow, and maximize their investment in the platform.

Kodella partners with businesses and employs a simple-yet-unique approach built on over 20 years of experience. Kodella works alongside its clients, offering the latest technology solutions while constantly enhancing and modifying solutions. Kodella stands apart from its competition by offering a robust portfolio of resources to its partner businesses, including a team of programming consultants available to provide support either on the ground or remotely. Kodella employs dedicated NetSuite ERP Consultants, NetSuite Administrators, and NetSuite Developers to assist partners while creating a NetSuite solution designed to their precise business requirements.

“The opportunity to work closely with NetSuite, a tremendous partner, to support our customers’ growth and success is one we’re very excited about,” said Ryan Albretsen, Kodella’s CCO (Chief Customer Officer). “We’re looking forward to providing existing NetSuite customers with access to Kodella’s high-end, talented resources as part of this partnership.”

Why choose NetSuite
The NetSuite global cloud-based business management software provides a stable platform on which you can easily monitor and control all your business management and reporting processes. Below we have outlined 6 reasons NetSuite might be perfect for your business.

NetSuite is a Fully Integrated Software Solution: The NetSuite platform features special modules to meet your every business software system needs. Each module is designed for a specific department and this ensures that there is no need for duplicate data-entry, thereby saving time and improving productivity.

NetSuite is Voted the #1 Cloud-Based System Worldwide: NetSuite is a forerunner company that first envisaged the possibility of cloud-based management software before it became a popular concept. Today, businesses are able to operate out of multiple locations, trusting that their stable cloud-based platform can provide the necessary security and access a growing company’s need.

NetSuite Eliminates IT Maintenance Costs: With NetSuite’s cost-effective solution, system updates are easy to carry out. Also, there is no need for expensive on-site servers, eliminating the need to constantly maintain and upgrade them.

NetSuite is Scalable and Grows With Your Business: The customizable nature of NetSuite’s platform make expansion possible as your business management and reporting needs expand. You can simply add extra modules to meet your needs at any time. The best part is that NetSuite ERP has several must-have tools including robust accounting, CRM, inventory management, reporting and more. NetSuite is one system that your business will not outgrow.

NetSuite Provides Real-Time Business Intelligence: At the touch of a button, you can know exactly what is going on in every aspect of your business, at any time, and from any location. The customizable analytics dashboard available on NetSuite shows you what you need to know 24/7.

NetSuite is Affordable: The NetSuite platform is targeted at growing enterprises, so it’s designed with your eventual future expansion in mind. It is also extremely affordable, especially when you consider its comprehensive features and impressive performance.

About The NetSuite Alliance Partner Program
The NetSuite Alliance Partner Program is an outstanding way for customers to leverage talented experts in order to expand their current client base, grow revenue streams, and expand cloud commerce offerings. NetSuite equips its Alliance Partners with top-flight resources and business tools to provide excellent customer service, support and ultimately growth.

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About Oracle + NetSuite
In 1998, NetSuite pioneered the Cloud Computing revolution, establishing the world’s first company dedicated to delivering business applications over the Internet. Today, NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and omnichannel commerce software that runs the business of more than 40,000 companies, organizations, and subsidiaries in more than 100 countries.

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About Kodella
Kodella is one of the most experienced NetSuite development firms. We are your trusted advisors for the selection, implementation, evaluation and support of your NetSuite investment. We have a dedicated global network, with which we are able to provide NetSuite resources no matter where you are.

Kodella’s NetSuite programming consultants can support your business on ground or remotely, we have the necessary expertise to handle all of your NetSuite development needs. Our experienced team includes NetSuite ERP Consultants, NetSuite Administrators, and NetSuite Developers who are dedicated to assisting you as we create a NetSuite solution designed to your precise business requirements.

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