This guide will take you around the screen lock problems on iOS devices and deliver the results you want.

HONG KONG, May 13, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Apple applies different screen locks for different iOS device models, including password 4/6-digit passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID. Users cannot access their iPhone, iPad, or iPod if they enter the wrong passcode, or if the Touch ID and Face ID fail to work. On the one hand, this feature ensures the security of users’ privacy. On the other hand, it is a terrible headache for users when it comes to some particular circumstances. For instance, someone has just bought a second-hand iPhone, only to find that the iPhone is still locked with the passcode of the original owner.

So how can we deal with the screen lock issue when it is actually happening? This article covers X ways to unlock your iPhone easily and quickly, including tools and features that come with iPhone and other professional third-party unlocking tools. These methods have been tried by many users who finally got into their iPhones successfully. Thus, this guide will take you around the screen lock problems on iOS devices and deliver the results you want. Please keep reading.

Method 1: Remove iPhone Screen Lock with Passvers iPhone Unlocker
The simplest way is usually people’s ideal option. So, the method coming first is a handy unlocking program—Passvers iPhone Unlocker, developed by Passvers, a leading iPhone unlocking solutions provider. This professional and reliable iPhone unlocker earns a 4.6/5 trust score among users, standing out from other iPhone unlocking tools due to its versatile features and intuitive operation.

With Passvers iPhone Unlocker, the iPhone screen lock passcodes of all types can be removed safely and instantly, not wasting any time. Whatever reason causes the iPhone to lock, such as forgetting the screen passcode, iPhone being blocked after several failed attempts or a broken iPhone screen, this unlocker allows its users to unlock their devices with no hassle and get into the iOS device again. Aside from dealing with screen lock issues, Passvers iPhone Unocker also features:

– Wipe the Screen Time passcode without losing data.
– Bypass iCloud Activation Lock within 3 steps.
– Remove old Apple ID without a passcode
– Applicable to almost all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod).
– Straightforward UI and easy to use.
– Compatible with both Windows and Mac.

The Passvers iPhone Unlocker is easy to use. No technical skills are required. Now, let’s see how to unlock an iPhone without a passcode via Passvers iPhone Unlocker within three steps.
Step 1. Download and run the app
Free download and run the app on your computer. To remove the lock screen passcode of iOS devices, click “Wipe Passcode” on the main page. Then hit “Start” and connect your locked iPhone to a computer with a USB cable.
Step 2. Confirm device information and download firmware
This app will automatically detect your iOS device and show you related information on a new page. Confirm it and click “Start” to download the firmware package for unlocking.
Step 3. Start unlocking iPhone without a passcode
When the package is installed, just enter “0000” and click the “Unlock” button to get unlocking started.
Note: Removing the lock screen passcode will erase all data on your iPhone and update your device to the latest iOS version.

Method 2: Unlock iPhone with iTunes
Downloading a third-party app is troublesome for some users. If you want a more direct way to get into the locked iPhone, iTunes is another trustworthy option. In this method, you don’t need other third-party programs installed. iTunes provides a restore function to help users get lost data or get into the device without a passcode when they forget the passcode. Make sure that you have a backup and that the “Find My iPhone” feature is not enabled if you want to use this method, because the restoration will remove all data and settings on the iPhone.
Follow the steps below to unlock your iPhone with iTunes.
Step 1. Connect the disabled iPhone to the computer with which you have synced the device previously. Or you’ll need to put your iOS device into recovery mode.
Step 2. Launch iTunes and click the iPhone icon in the top left corner of the screen after iTunes detects your device. Go to the “Summary”.
Step 3. Hit the “Restore iPhone” button and click the “Restore” button again. Then. iTunes will start unlocking the iPhone.

Method 3: Get into iPhone through Find My
Find My is a powerful feature that is designed to help users find lost iOS devices according to their location. However, it also comes with a feature that can erase the data on the device to prevent data leaks. When data and settings are erased, the iPhone screen lock will also be removed, so users can get into the iPhone again. This method requires that you have turned on ‘Find My iPhone” and have had a recent copy of your device’s content to avoid data loss.
Step 1. Visit on your browser and log in with your Apple ID.
Step 2. Then choose “Find iPhone” from the home page. Then click the device list in the middle top of the screen and choose the one you need to erase.
Step 3. Finally, choose “Erase iPhone” and all data will be removed.

Method 4: Unlock iPhone via Siri (iOS10 only)
If your iPhone is running iOS 10.3.2 and 10.3.3, you can gain access to iPhone without a passcode using Siri. It is a trick only workable for iOS 10 as the little loophole has been blocked by iOS 11. The good thing is that your device data will not be erased, so you don’t have to restore the device after unlocking the device. Here is how.
Step 1. Long press the home button to activate Siri. Say “Open the clock”.
Step 2. On the world clock page, tap the “+” icon in the upper right corner to add a clock. Then type a name in the enter box and choose “Select All” and “Share” to share the clock via Message.
Step 3. Click “Return” to the “Create New Contact” screen. Select “Add Photo” and “Choose Photo” to go to the photo library. Now, click on the home button again and you’ll find that your iPhone is unlocked without a password.

Method 5: Unlock iPhone via Security Lockout
The last way is suitable for users who are stuck in a “Security Lockout” screen after too many failed attempts on their locked iPhone. This is a new feature introduced by Apple in iOS 15.2, which can be used to bypass iPhone passcode and factory reset iPhone without iTunes or computers. This function is only available when “Find My” is enabled on the iPhone. When you see a “Security Lockout” warning on your screen, follow the steps below.
Step 1. Check the network connection on your iPhone and tap “Erase iPhone” in the bottom right corner.
Step 2. Tap “Erase iPhone” again to confirm and enter your Apple ID to log out of your Apple account.
Step 3. Finally, tap “Erase iPhone” to permanently delete all data and settings. Then, enter your iPhone and set it.

This guide has concluded 5 feasible methods to help you get rid of an iPhone screen passcode under any scenario. Whether you’ve forgotten the screen lock passcode on your iPhone, or you are stuck in an unresponsive screen on your iPad, they can give you some tips. If you want the best tool to deal with screen lock issues, Passvers iPhone Unlocker is still our best recommendation. Compared with the other four ways, this program is easier to operate and has a higher success rate. What’s more, it offers more features to remove other locks on iOS devices with simple steps. Give it a try if you’re seeking a reliable iPhone unlocker.

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