Breakthrough entrepreneurs’ community gains access to a global trading platform with the EQPAY coin.

LAKE MARY, FL, June 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Equitypay (EQPAY), the leading community of Entrepreneurs committed to transforming the financial landscape and promoting economic empowerment, is pleased to announce its upcoming listing on P2B Cryptocurrency Exchange. This milestone marks the first exchange where EQPAY will be available for trading, with the trading symbol set as EQPAY. The excitement surrounding the listing is high.

“We are thrilled about Equitypay’s listing on P2B Cryptocurrency Exchange,” remarked Mark Shaner a spokesman for the Equitypay community. “This partnership opens up new avenues for our community in their work to expand their reach and harness the benefits of the digital economy. We are confident that this listing will facilitate the growth and inclusivity we strive for.”

Equitypay aims to bridge existing disparities and barriers in accessing financial services, ensuring equal opportunities and integrity for entrepreneurs worldwide. The project seeks to create a self-growing community governed by the principles of divine and natural laws, emphasizing honesty, integrity, and fair treatment for all members.

To achieve its vision, Equitypay is developing an innovative e-commerce platform akin to Amazon, allowing community members to engage in peer-to-peer buying and selling of goods. Additionally, a service marketplace similar to Fiverr and an educational platform inspired by Udemy will be established exclusively for community members. The primary payment method within these platforms will be the EQPAY coin, listed on crypto exchanges and dedicated to private community use.

Furthermore, Equitypay has partnered with Dragonfly App, Development LLC, to develop a referral reward program known as the Dragonfly Reward Program. Under this program, Equitypay has allocated 7,000,000 pre-minted EQPAY coins to incentivize community growth. Dragonfly App will also create several apps to raise brand awareness, including the ‘DragonFly wallet’ for secure storage of EQPAY coins.

In an exciting development, EQPAY coins can be earned through referral rewards by inviting others to use the Free Wallet. The referral reward program will span three years and feature analytics, leaderboards, and comprehensive reporting within the app. All rewards will be credited directly to the “Dragonfly Wallet” itself.

EQPAY coins were initially mined in September 2021 and have undergone extensive testing by miners worldwide, resulting in bug fixes and enhanced stability. Equitypay’s Eco network is designed to leverage the computing power of low-power personal computers, ensuring affordable mining and staking options for all.

P2B Cryptocurrency Exchange is a prominent international digital assets exchange, boasting a daily trade volume of $1.5 billion. Known for its exceptional go-to-market experience for crypto projects, P2B offers a wide variety of tokens and exciting trading functionalities. As a trusted platform since 2017, P2B remains the go-to destination for fundraising, launching, and market entry for crypto newcomers.

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EquityPay is creating a self-growing community of Entrepreneurs, composed of people with the highest ethics, to be governed under the principles of divine or natural laws wherein members would transact with each other under the self-regulated or community-made by-laws woven carefully with the concepts of honesty and integrity reflected with fair treatment to all.

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