World’s First Angle-Adjustable Toothbrush

NEW YORK, NY, January 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The toothbrush manufacturer SAMBAU has announced their slider angle adjustable transformer toothbrush ‘WOA’ on Kickstarter.

WOA is like no other ordinary toothbrush. It folds and expands its brushes angles to reach deeper oral regions to remove debris effectively. At the same time, WOA provides tooth, tongue, and gum care with one toothbrush. These features are all possible with its pre-installed sliders located on the body (grip) of WOA.

WOA’s brushes can adjust their angles in 5 different levels.
Level 1 cleans narrow paths like the users’ interdentals.
Level 2 cleans the external parts of the tooth.
Level 3 cleans the general oral regions.
Level 4 cleans the deeper areas of the users’ gums.
Level 5 was designed to clean the surface of the users’ tongues.

Through countless tests, we completed our product development based on the feedback where the users’ teeth were more thoroughly cleansed. (Compared to conventional toothbrushes)

WOA utilized a mix of ultra-fine brushes with coal and silver additives for sanitation. Spacing the brush heads also allows the brushes to dry out in a timely manner.

Please refer to WOA’s official Kickstarter page for more details, launching this coming January.

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