The fatal fire in a multi-family residential building in the Bronx, New York had drawn attention to the importance of closed doors, The NFPA 80 and NFPA 101 specifically requires all fire doors to be inspected annually.

MIAMI, FL, February 09, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Not all the details have not been released regarding the January 9th fire in a Bronx apartment building. But the main question is why didn’t the apartment door and the stairwell door close and help prevent the smoke from spreading? How can we try to ensure this doesn’t happen again?

“Closing the door limits smoke spread and limits the oxygen that is available for combustion.”

Those benefits are why New York requires that apartment doors in any building with three or more units be outfitted with special hinges to close on their own, and why the city encourages residents to close the doors to bedrooms while they sleep.

A public service announcement produced by the Fire Department and NY1, urging residents to “close the door” in case of fire, won an Emmy in 2000, the year after a pair of deadly fires in city towers.

Still, problems with open doors have persisted.

Prior to the 2007 edition, NFPA 80’s title was the Standard for Fire Doors and Fire Windows; it established the requirements for the installation and maintenance of fire door and fire window assemblies. Additionally, NFPA 80 required fire doors and fire windows to be maintained in operating condition throughout the life of their installations. Once your fire door faces a fire incident, it should be replaced or repaired immediately.

Replace your fire doors with the ones can really help you to protect your property from the uncertain emergencies. Find the right fire door installation company by checking their certifications which ensure their accurate installation with all quality parts. Precise installation and fixing parts make your door a perfect barrier between the fire and your valuables. Also, only a reputed fire door installation company ensures that they have all the certified installers whose efforts will make your property safe in case of any small to severe fire emergency.

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