Online lemonade stand tackles personal & societal issues

CANTERBURY, ENGLAND, March 14, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Rocky’s life spiralled off track throwing her off the deep end & 2 years later she’s betting on a lemonade stand on Facebook to get it back on track. Rocky’s Lemonade stand is truly one of a kind -It’s online & uses metaphoric lemons (thrown by life) to make ‘lemonade’. Stuck in a bureaucratic loop awaiting paperwork permitting fulltime work, she got creative & worked around her obstacles in an effort to make life better for her family & society.

The online lemonade stand was born of push by familial responsibilities (mother’s medicare & sister’s education), responsibility to society plus a pull to make the most of an opportunity to be able to finally achieve her goal of moving. Seems like a lot of pressure for a lemonade stand, but she’s hoping on the power of the internet, technology & social media to enable the lemonade stand to be able to achieve its objectives this March.

In a bid to positively contribute to society, Rocky’s campaign has demarcated a portion of the total fundraised to supporting NGO’s that focus on: female empowerment, education & mental health: Project Semi-colon & The Malala Fund. Her determination to alleviate these issues in society was prompted by personal experiences as explained:

Raised in a society where girls are held down & women taught & expected to hold themselves back simply because of their gender. ”I would like to play my part in fixing this ‘flaw’ in society.”

The benefits of education to an individual & society couldn’t be over stated. ”And from personal experience, I cannot even find the words to express just how much education has given to me & how much it has shaped who I am today. Just as I am doing my part in enabling my sister to complete her education, I would also like to help others out there to get an education.”

Experiences of verbal abuse, rock bottom & depression highlighted both the importance & invisibility of mental health. ”This is a cause worth supporting & spreading more awareness about since it does not receive as much attention as it deserves.”

Over half of the world’s population still face many obstacles in life, simply because they’re female! Rocky drew sketches of everyday situations that many girls & women still face on a daily basis in an effort to bring attention to this reality. These sketches accurately illustrate controversial issues like: Gender pay gap, Glass door phenomenon, glass ceiling phenomenon. In this day & age in both the developed & developing world, being female can be a drawback in life.

Curious about what kind of lemonade could be made from metaphoric lemons? -Take a look at our Etsy Store which features adorable handmade crafts (mini hippo & rhino figurines & a mini gorilla keychain) made by Rocky & her team of crafters. Our Teespring Store features exclusive merchandise by Lemonade designs, (shirts, hoodies, mugs, totes) with designs inspired by things like: Food, Love, Muhammad Ali, Canada, Ellen DeGeneres, California & characters from the shows Friends & the Big bang theory.

We launched a book on Amazon that is the perfect tool for people to achieve their goal(s) -especially that thing they’ve been putting off until they are ‘ready’, the goal they don’t think they deserve yet, the one they don’t think could possible happen for them. Aptly laced with inspirational words from Shia LaBeouf, it’s the ideal tool to help people in their quest to achieve their biggest baddest goals.

We also set up a Crowd funding page with amazing perks for those who’d like to support our campaign this way. Or if you’re feeling lucky, take a shot & bid to adopt Benji the rhino on eBay.

Life doesn’t always go as planned as we all know. Sometimes obstacles appear out of the blue, obstructing our paths to our goal(s) & when this happened to me, in the face of adversity & uncertainty; the challenges fuelled a creative & unconventional response of setting up a lemonade stand on Facebook with the aim of bettering life for me, my family & the community at large.

Getting knocked down in life is all too relatable & this story explores a unique & interesting approach to tackling life’s problems

For anyone out there who is struggling, lost or stuck in a rut; this serves as proof that even when all hope seems lost, you can still somehow, someway find it in you to wiggle out of a tight or hellish situation -especially with the internet.

This story is a real life real time testament to persistence, determination, resourcefulness & creativity.

More on our Facebook page or join the conversation on twitter #RockysLemonade

– I chose to run this campaign under a nickname in as I was opening up on rather sensitive matters (like verbal abuse, hitting rock bottom, personal trials)
– I’m a 20 something year old female, & would like to keep my current location private as I don’t want anything to interfere with the paperwork I’m still waiting on.
– The nickname Rocky is inspired by the movie Rocky. How Stallone took charge of his life & wrote a movie for himself to star in, his determination & perseverance in finding a director who’d let him star in it & basically his belief in himself to do all this. Plus the character Rocky never gives up.

As much as I bear a responsibility to my family & the community, I am equally responsible for myself & my goal/dreams; & like Stallone did decades ago, I am determined to do all that I can to make the most of the opportunities I have.

*Most controversial design is ‘love is love’, & keeping it cost me some support from my circle. Although not part of the LGBT community, I love love & wanted to share my support. Especially as a biracial person raised at a time when interracial love & people like me weren’t as accepted.

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