A new film trilogy on the life of a young George Washington will air on NTD-TV February 21, 2022

DALLAS, TX, February 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — A new film trilogy about the life of a young George Washington entitled “Washington’s Armor” is scheduled to air on NTD TV/Epoch TV on February 21, 2022, President’s Day.

The genesis of the new trilogy was birthed over 10 years ago when Capernaum Studios’ founder Tammy Lane read a book called “The Bulletproof George Washington.” Lane’s appreciation for stories relating to the founding of America drove her to both produce and direct “Washington’s Armor,” making her the only female director of a pre-Revolutionary War film trilogy or film. Lane says the story of a young George Washington needs to be told for multiple reasons.

“We can all relate to the young George Washington,” says Lane. “He wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but he was a man of faith who persevered during difficult circumstances. He was constantly sick with malaria, tuberculosis, dysentery, fevers, etc., but he never let it stop him. He was a survivor.”

The trilogy takes place about 20 years prior to the Revolutionary War. Lane says the project began as a short film, then blossomed into a full-length feature, and finally made its way to the trilogy. Lane says she was committed to presenting the real George Washington.

“Although we took creative license in a couple of instances, for the most part, this film is factually and historically correct,” says Lane. “This trilogy sheds light on the truth about George Washington and the people he surrounded himself with who were integral to the founding of our nation. I believe people will be inspired by his bravery and sense of duty, his devotion to God and country, and his ability to persevere through difficult circumstances. This trilogy doesn’t shy away from dealing with both the good and the bad moments of our nation’s history. America needs to embrace its true history and make sure it is preserved for the next generation. In the words of George Washington himself, ‘There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily.'”

About Tammy Lane/Capernaum Studios:
Tammy Lane, producer/ director of “Washington’s Armor,” is the founder and president of Capernaum Studios, a film set and event center on 40 acres just outside Weatherford, Texas. Lane has written and directed four live theatrical productions and has produced and directed eleven short films and three music videos, including the award-winning release Crimson. Capernaum Studios has been used by many major productions including The Chosen series, the highest crowd-funded project of all time. For more information visit https://www.washingtonsarmor.com/.

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