Summarizing a text has become necessary in many professional sectors. You might be a writer, a documentalist, a teacher or a staff member of any institution. You always have to summarize documents, books and texts in order to be able to draw the main idea.

This will procure you a better understanding of the writings, but also to make their synthesis matched with your need it. So, to help you achieving it, do not hesitate to adopt Resoomer : the article summarizer in your analytical tool.

Some advantages

With the word processing tool, every employee will be able to increase his or her productivity time. In fact, they will not spend time to process every paragraph one by one, particularly when it is about multipage documents, since the text summarizer will make it in a few seconds. The original document will be shortened and the main ideas are highlighted for a better comprehension in a few minutes.

No longer will you have to spend the whole day to read an entire work in order to understand the essential topic that is treated there. Your tool will facilitate for you this task. Therefore, you will be able to proceed to your syntheses or other activities necessitating the comprehension of the original document.

An effective resume for all types of text

In addition to that, note that this office tool has been designed to process any type of text, from informative texts, scientific texts to literary work commentaries. Then, whatever your activity sector is, using this tool will be very helpful for you.

Its gratuitousness and its simplicity to use are also among the opportunities that it procures. Its developers has programmed it to be integrated easily with any web browser. You have just to choose the appropriate extension and then you will get a summary generator tool everywhere.