Eliminates 99.9% of Covid Viruses/ Multiple Wavelengths of Visible Light = Harmless to the Human Body / Motion Detectors

NEW YORK, NY, February 05, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — ‘DAON S INC’, an expert manufacturer for light sterilization, is launching ‘Therapy 365-V1’; Smart L.E.D. Sterilizer that is harmless to the human body on Kickstarter in February.

Most existing sterilizers use UV-C, B, and A that are physically harmful even with one-moment exposure. Therapy 365-V is a harmless light sterilizer that has 99.9% sterilizing power using multiple wavelengths.

Therapy 365-V is not physically harmful, but it can still damage one’s eyesight or be detrimental to children or animals’ health. When it detects a user’s motion within 1.5m, the white light turns on for 30 seconds and switches back to UV Mode for sterilization when no motion is detected. After 5 hours, all lighting shuts down.

Therapy 365-V is portable and convenient for installation, which can be used at a shoe rack, kitchen, closet, bathroom, car, etc.

This sterilizer has three different modes: White, UV, and AUTO. A user can manually adjust the White and AUTO modes, and the AUTO mode automatically switches between those two modes according to the motion detector.

In addition, Therapy 365-V1 has tested its sterilization effects on germs and micro-organisms, and the result is on the Kickstarter page.

‘Therapy 365-V1’ is available at a 40% discounted price on Kickstarter in upcoming February, and the campaign will be running for about 30 days.

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