Mackey is the first African-American candidate for Mayor in Roswell, New Mexico’s history. If elected she will be the first female mayor in that city. She has pledged to fight to make Roswell a safer and more progressive community

ROSWELL, NM, September 03, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Councilor Natasha M. Mackey has announced her candidacy for mayor of Roswell, New Mexico. She is the first African-American woman to run for the office of Mayor. Mackey formally announced her candidacy on Sunday, August 27, 2017.

Mackey intends to focus her efforts to reduce crime, promote education, encourage business growth and hopes to work to advance the community in all areas.

“I am pleased and honored to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Roswell,” Mackey stated. “As a member of the Roswell City Council, it has been, and continues to be, my honor and privilege to work on the many issues confronting our community, including issues affecting such important areas as education, crime, business and recreation. As Mayor, it will be my honor and privilege to continue working to advance our community in all areas, including to promote education, reduce crime, encourage business growth and development, and promote recreational activities for our citizens and visitors.”

“It is my desire to see renewed hope infused into our community as we unite and build together. In line with this vision for our city, Roswell will continue to grow and support a progressive business environment, a family friendly atmosphere, and an innovative style that guides our future.”

“As mayor, my first responsibility will be to serve as an advocate for the citizens of Roswell. Although we now face many uncertainties as a community, and will undoubtedly face uncertainties in the future, if we bind together in unity, I am confident we will be able to overcome all challenges in moving our community forward.”

“Also, as mayor, my role will be to serve as a key communications interface between the city of Roswell and its citizens. Currently, my various roles within the community allow me to be directly involved with the citizens, listening to concerns and trying to identify ways to address them. Serving as mayor will position me to be of greater service in sharing citizen concerns within city government with a goal of assuring resolution and education.”

“I will serve in close partnership with the city manager and other city leaders by using my experience, skills, and perspectives gained from years as a self-employed businessperson, public school educator, spiritual leader, and public servant. Given this experience, my leadership as mayor will be of value to the city manager and other city officials. I will encourage and demonstrate strong collaboration between city government and all elected city officials.”

“Lastly, over the years, I have amassed a demonstrated record of working cooperatively with others to accomplish tasks at hand. My ability and willingness to work well with others will bring people together to accomplish common goals in unity and cooperation.”

“I look forward with excitement and enthusiasm to a positive campaign, reaching out to the citizens of our great community, and sharing specific plans to advance the City of Roswell.”

Mackey served 4 years as City Councilor, Ward 1. She is a 12 year Roswell resident and a Christian and community leader. A dedicated and compassionate Educator, she is also a business owner and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Her key City Council accomplishments include:

– Reduction in Crime & Police Use of Force (Annual Report, 2016)
– Planned New Recreation and Aquatic Center
– Major Renovations of the Roswell Civic & Convention Center
– Approved Budget for Mayor’s City-wide “Clean & Safe” Program

Mackey is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. More information is available at

Councilor Natasha Mackey has lived in Roswell for 12 years and lived in New Mexico for 22 years. She has worked in the Roswell community through various initiatives to bring unity in the city through prayer rallies and youth events. Councilor Mackey serves as the Vice Chair of the General Services Committee and the Public Safety Committee. She is also a member of Gateway Church International under the leadership of Rick and Linda Rapp. With her Masters in Business Administration degree from the University of New Mexico – Anderson School of Management, she is a viable candidate to help assist in the business affairs of the city of Roswell. In addition, she is a small business owner and many residents know her fondly as the “Jewelry Lady.” She has also written 2 books and has recorded 2 worship albums.

Councilor Mackey faithfully and effectively serves as a City Councilor as she endeavors to honor God and serve her community. Her desire is pursue an alternate role as Mayor. As a mover and shaker, it is her desire to represent the constituents with integrity and honor. Her goal is to work to promote a safe community, bring in new businesses to Roswell and support current businesses and improve the aesthetic appeal of Roswell.

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