ReadySet Hire is a revolutionary approach to executive search designed with organizational resiliency and talent retention in mind

OAKLAND, CA, March 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — For decades, traditional executive search has focused on a list of qualifications a client wanted and the recruiters “hunted” for candidates with the right background and pedigree. This “search in a silo” is fraught with the risk of mismatches: new hires’ skills and company needs being misaligned. Far too often, companies waste time and resources, building homogenous leadership teams that aren’t set up for success. Today, ReadySet changes this model with the introduction of ReadySet Hire, a revolutionary approach to executive search that matches candidates to actual organizational needs and supports new hires and leadership teams throughout the onboarding process.

“In the modern workplace, where data-driven insights abound, traditional “search in a silo” should be a thing of the past. With ReadySet Hire’s data-informed approach, it is!” says Dennis Quartermane, Head of Search Strategy at ReadySet.

Organizations need to navigate an ever changing competitive landscape. The fight for top talent is fierce and one hiring misstep can not only be costly it can set back the entire company. Being able to mitigate that risk and successfully integrate a new hire builds organizational resilience and provides an advantage in the marketplace.

“Companies struggle to hire leaders from diverse backgrounds and struggle to retain them.The average tenure for a Chief Diversity Officer is 1.8 years,” said Y-Vonne Hutchinson, CEO and Founder of ReadySet. “We know that organizations are hungry for something better. ReadySet Hire builds on our expertise in organizational culture, leadership development, and talent attraction to match companies with leaders from diverse backgrounds and set those leadership teams up for long term success.”

ReadySet Hire assesses the organization’s current situation and clearly defines its challenges. The search process seeks out the best candidates based on those needs and their unique skills and experiences that will help the organization meet their goals. Once hired, ReadySet Hire provides the new leader with coaching, learning and advisory support to ensure success.

“Like many organizations, we’ve been having a hard time hiring,” said Keisha Hudson, Chief Defender of the Defenders Association of Philadelphia. “When ReadySet presented ReadySet Hire it seemed like the answer we needed. Defining our challenges and finding the best candidates was both smooth and quickly achieved in just three weeks. I am looking forward to the onboarding process and ongoing support to ensure our new Chief of People and Culture is successful.”

To find out more about how ReadySet Hire can help your organization go to and please join us on April 14th for our seminar “Talent Attraction in the COVID-era” or contact Dennis Quartermane at [email protected]

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