Concord, NC: Today, Raptor Performance, a product development and engineering company that specializes in performance products for racing and industry, announced the latest sport bike product, the Sport Bike Ignition Soft-KillT. This product allows for lightning quick clutch-less shifting when combined with an air shifter, that will reduce your time-slips, and is the latest product in the company’s portfolio since the start of the company in 2004.

The company recently ran successful trials of the Sport Bike Ignition Soft KillT at Virginia Motorsports Park, XDA MTC Summer Nationals. Raptor Performance CEO, Rick Byrum, said “this is one of several sport bike racing products coming out this year from Raptor Performance.  We have had considerable success in our custom racing electronics over the years and we cannot be more pleased to continue to delight our customers with products that allow them to meet their goals. This product will be available for purchase 6/24/2019″

When we saw the level of engineering in the existing competitor’s products, we decided it was time for our engineering expertise to develop a more current and capable product. We have performed simulation as well as testing of the product and many other design and development activities that go along with developing automotive grade products.  The Raptor Performance Ignition Soft-KillT delivers:

  • faster track times due to a proprietary algorithmand no unintended combustion cycles
  • precise and repeatable time settings in 1 milli-second increments
  • smaller and lighter weight than the competitive products making installation easy
  • precise control of the ignition system without interrupting the ECU’s critical ignition timing
  • a fraction of the current over the competition

About Raptor Performance: Raptor Performance is an engineering firm developing embedded niche performance products and equipment. This includes racing as well as other industries where performance must be tightly controlled with a product that must work flawlessly.

Media Contact:

Company Name: Raptor Performance
Contact Person: Rick Byrum
Contact No.: 980-622-1628
Email: [email protected]
City: Concord
State: North Carolina
Country: USA