Artists Are Taking A New Meaning To The Word “Independent” These Days Leaving Labels With Less Leverage To Trap The Up And Coming.

NEW YORK, NY, June 26, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Music Business is a big one! And like anything big it provides a lot of shade. Along with profitability and stability all big businesses leave room for individuals who want to make more than they are giving. These days as artists are more independent, its making it hard for these giant companies to pit the artists in a trap deal, because artists now have the resources to grow their own fan bases and blossom as fully independent artists and it doesn’t stop there.

The distribution of projects is just one aspect of the music game that has been made easy for artists to do themselves. The whole process of creation has been simplified over the years. There are schools like full sail university, that are grooming students to be able to complete music projects from scratch on their own, at least that’s what one self made artist name Escovar has gotten from it.

Escovar is the CEO of his own Record label, RoadRunna Records, where he is the primary artist, executive producer, graphic designer, video producer and more. Escovar literally does everything besides hold the camera for himself when shooting one of his high quality music videos. From the business to the creativity Escovar does it all and hes not the only one. “I believe its every artists dream to be able to do what I do” it took alot of dedication and hard work to get where he is today and he believes he is just scratching the surface of knowing the ins and outs of every aspect of the music business.

FullSail University and schools alike are just one way to reach the level that these new era creators are setting to accomplish. Youtube is a place where professionals give back the knowledge in exchange for a fanbase and following. Its an awesome way too learn I asked Escovar between Youtube and School whats the percentage or ratio of acquired knowledge. He said 20% school 40% YouTube and 40% trial and error”. There are music producers online such as Wavy Wayne that are really helping artists get the desired sound for their projects. What was once a secret code among producers is out there for the dedicated artists to learn making it easier for the artist to take his or her music destiny into their own hands.

RoadRunna Records is an independent record company based in NYC. Established in 2019 the main base office where the recordings are finalized is at Quad Studios Manhattan New York.


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