Gwadar in Pakistan makes significant leaps and bounds in terms of commitments to infrastructure and its economy. Imran Khan is attending the Gwadar Expo this year to a ground breaking ceremony for what would be Pakistan’s largest airport in Gwadar.

LONDON, ENGLAND, March 28, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — News that many Gwadar investors have been waiting for is expected to be confirmed on Friday March 29th. Back in February, sources indicated that work on Gwadar International Airport would begin in April and while we’ve been waiting for precise updates ever since, it seems that the wait is over. This news reinforces just how Gwadar in Pakistan is making significant leaps and bounds in terms of commitments to infrastructure and its economy. It’s a powerful message to all potential investors in Pakistan.

Reports show that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is set to kick off the build of the new airport this Friday and the timing is perfect in many respects. The ground breaking ceremony will be held at the upcoming Gwadar Expo 2019.

Gwadar Expo is here

Balochistan officials and the wider Pakistan government seem keen to build up every good news story surrounding Gwadar and why not? Development of this strategic port city is continuing at a rapid rate and the construction of the region’s airport is a big piece of the overall jigsaw.

The latest announcement coincides with the start of Gwadar Expo 2019: Tagged as the key to global opportunities, the exhibition runs for two days from Thursday 28th March. This exciting event provides an important platform where investors, buyers and traders from all over the world can meet.

Sponsors and events had already lined up for the Expo, but the news of the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s involvement and the start of construction to Gwadar’s International Airport gives it a new focal point.

Imran Khan confirmed by Chinese Official

The official announcement regarding Imran Khan’s involvement in Friday’s confirmation came via Twitter. A tweet from the account of Chinese Diplomat Lijian Zhao reads:

‘PM @ImranKhanPTI will visit #GwadarExpo2019, attend groundbreaking ceremony of new Gwadar International Airport.’

The tweet then continues by tagging in a number of companies and officials who are directly involved with the launch of the new airport, including airlines and Balochistan officials.

What are the key stats involving Gwadar International Airport?

It’s no surprise to see a Chinese official becoming involved in the story because the airport forms a vital part of CPEC projects. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (Find out more about CPEC here) is responsible for a number of developments across Pakistan but the city of Gwadar, with its key location on the south western tip of the country, has always been a main focus of the organisation.

When complete, the airport will be the largest in the whole of the country, edging out the sites in Karachi, Islamabad and beyond. It will be capable of hosting bulky craft including the new Boeings and in a city with as much potential as Gwadar, it is a vital artery in regards to everything CPEC have planned.

The cost is estimated at $230 million so this is up there with the biggest of all projects in the region. Investors in Gwadar property have been anxious for work to commence and we’ve now arrived with all the focus switching to Friday and Prime Minister Imran Khan at Gwadar Expo 2019.

With the completion of the airport shall come abundant tourism and commerce within Gwadar. It is a prime investment area which is why it is slated to become potentially a next Dubai of the World. CPIC is leading in the private development taking up many huge projects in Gwadar including Zero Point Gwadar, Downtown Gwadar the Heartland and the Executive Collection. CPIC has won awards for its performance and excellence in the field of real estate. CPIC is also the first to handover property in Gwadar with its highly ambitious International Port CIty project.

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