Rapper/Singer/Songwriter Fights Against Social Norms For Women With Music

LOS ANGELES, CA, April 03, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Rapper/Singer/Songwriter Niqo P had a very specific audience in mind when she conceived the concept for her new album “If I Could,” people who feel like they’re on the outside looking in. As someone who has struggled with body image and self-image, Niqo P eventually found her voice and wanted to give it to her listeners.

“The voice of the broken-hearted, providing a sound for the ones who feel left out, ugly or cheated out of life. Motivation for your glow up,” she explains. Recorded in two 10 hour studio sessions, Niqo P let all of her built up emotions out into song, resulting in “If I Could.”

Niqo P truly commits to building an emotional connection to issues that are important to her. Veterans and the sacrifices they make have impacted Niqo P in a genuine way, and “If I Could” has given her a platform to express her gratitude. “The Purple Heart theme is associated with this project because Love is War and the music on this album is made for the soldiers that fought for love until they couldn’t anymore and were left with war wounds,” Niqo P says.

She aligned herself with a supportive production team and engineer that recognized the truth in her work and wanted to see her vision realized. Written by Niqo P, Black X executive produced the album, and fellow artists The Experience and Rico Nasty are featured on the album.

“Tres Dias,” the first single off the album is already available, you can check it out here. Look for another single, “Up Front” before the full album release on April 11th, in addition to upcoming music videos, including intense new videos for both singles. “If I Could” will be available on April 20th and will be available on all major music platforms.

About Niqo P

Niqo P is a 19-year-old Rapper/Singer/Songwriter from Maryland. Despite her young age, Niqo P has packed a lot of life experience into those years, and she draws on that to bring strength and intelligence to her work. Niqo P has dealt with feeling ugly in a world where women are measured and valued by their physical beauty. As she came into her sexual identity and came out as a proud member of the lesbian community, Niqo P has used her unique perspective to fight against oppressive beauty standards that hold women back. Emotion and making a connection with her listeners is the most important thing Niqo P hopes to accomplish with her career. Her current single, “Tres Dias” is available now. Look out for her new album “If I Could” on April 20th. Follow Niqo P on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Official Website: theniqop.com

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