Critical Communication Strategies and Collaborative Techniques for state CAOs and CPOs

LEXINGTON, KY, January 10, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Natural and human-caused disasters have produced incalculable damage to human life and property historically and have especially wreaked havoc in recent years. With the increase in the prevalence of these emergencies in the United States, there is a heightened need for emergency preparedness.

The National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA) and the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) – two strategic partner associations – came together as a State Collaborative to assess critical communication strategies and collaborative techniques for state Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) and Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs) to help increase successful emergency preparedness for state governments.

“Emergency preparedness is a timely and critical issue for state governments,” said DeLaine Bender, CAE, interim executive director for NASCA. “With this toolkit, CAOs and CPOs will work together to maximize the effectiveness of state government operations before and during an emergency.”

Lindle Hatton, chief executive officer of NASPO, adds, “Working together to develop a strong emergency response so constituents are receiving the products and services needed is top priority. The State Collaborative Toolkit examines how tasks may be accomplished and reinforces the impact CAOs and CPOs have on emergency operations.”

Below are a few of the recommendations included in the toolkit:

• Communicate and collaborate with CAOs and CPOs in other states to learn from their experiences.
• Vet processes and procedures to safeguard state government central procurement and administrative services from challenges related to rapid pace emergency response and conduct rigorous examinations of practices.
• Create deliberate tandem relationships between CAOs and CPOs working within emergency operations centers during an emergency to facilitate the best opportunity for purchasing oversight and aid in data and details necessary for post-crisis audits.
• Document all challenges experienced in each emergency as they arise.

The toolkit’s recommendations, along with strong and consistent communication and collaboration among state executives, can ensure that emerging practices are implemented to effectively address the needs of state residents for emergency preparedness and response.Click here for the full report

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