DNA and Internet Databases Deliver the Truth

SALEM, WI, February 24, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — There are currently millions of adoptees in the United States today. Statistics graphed in 2011 by the American Adoption Congress shows that in 1970 (the height of the adoption craze) there were 175,000 adoptions alone. Those adopted babies are now 47 years old. Many have no information regarding their biological roots and most now have their own children. At that time there were very little laws in place about the type of information put on “original birth certificates” and much of the information was false. It was not until 1973 where the adoption laws changed laying out new legislation regarding the information that would be passed to adoptees via a paper trail about “where they came from.” Even with the new legislation in place it was not a guarantee that correct and accurate information would be used. This poses many challenges for adoptees who through the years have searched for their biological families. As life is cyclical, the children of many adoptees will also be missing valuable information, asking one day, “Where do I come from?” Like a waterfall, these hardships of missing “truth” will also trickle down to the children of adoptees. As luck and technological advances would have it, we may now find the answers to those questions. There are experts in the field of “searching for biological family” and “searching for birth parents” like the business www.adopteesearchfriends.com. With the use of the internet, vast databases, DNA and Genealogy there is newfound hope to fill in the blanks.

Each year there are adoption lobbyists in Washington fighting for the rights to open historically closed state records for adoptees. While they are moving in a forward direction, there are states like California who will not budge. California also holds the largest databank of adoption records. Of all 50 states there are only 7 with “unrestricted access.” This is a bleak reality for adoptees searching for their truth. There are groups fighting for (what should be) undeniable rights for adoptees such as; Adoptee Rights Coalition, Adoptee Rights Campaign and Bastard Nation. All of these groups welcome more bodies to help fight the injustices adoptees face when it comes to trying to find “their truth.” While lobbying for future rights is a necessary part of righting the injustices, this may take many years if there is change to be made and more years to include all states, a slow process at best. Most adoptees would die before seeing these laws change in their adopting state. Adoptees are not forced to wait around anymore for laws to change.

There are several websites out there to test DNA for a nominal fee and more to search for genealogical information, including vital records, birth/death and marriage records, military, census, naturalization and immigration, etc. A wealth of information exists on the internet all of which is for the most part “truth.” Adoptees are not left to rely on false information, the information they can get from various and disbanded adoption agencies or going through the state to request non-identifying information (which is often of no value). The beauty of DNA and these databases is one thing – they don’t lie. All of the DNA websites offer a sharing and comparing program where with permission a DNA sample will be compared with the databank of all DNA samples using algorithms. These algorithms with respect to DNA are a computer set of rules to predict genetic relationships ie; first cousin, Aunt, nephew, etc. This is the most valuable information one may obtain and it is the genetic connection of two people or one to many when it comes to “searching for biological family.” Once this information is received and genetic placement has been made you may then use the wealth of the vast resources available on the internet to fill in the blanks. It may appear an impossible task, however I assure you it can be done and has been over and over again. Finding the “truth” of any person is a process and it may take time, but it most certainly can be done.

I, Carla Mathy am an adoptee with no information who searched for my biological family for five years after receiving a false original birth certificate at 40 years old. This was a long and frustrating process which included; taking 4 DNA tests (on 3 different websites), putting my information up on adoptee registries, requesting non-identifying information from two different states, hiring and firing private investigators, bringing in DNA experts and giving up my DNA matches and administrator rights to my Ancestry.com account to the television show Long Lost Family for 8 months- none of whom solved my case. After five long years I solved my own case. Through my experiences I found the need to assist the millions of adoptees just like myself searching for biological roots and answers. I became a search angel, swooping in to aid others in their searches and then I formed a business www.adopteesearchfriends.com to do just this. I offer a free one hour consultation which includes reviewing forwarded documents and offers comprehensive search services at a fee. I have solved cases for people with no information other then their date and place of birth. Through the years I have taken many creative writing courses including the world famous, “The Writers Loft” in Chicago taught by the late Jerry Cleaver. I have a love for writing and painting with words and have also recently finished a full length book in the editing process. My unique perspective as an adoptee has created many life lessons virtually by default. I consider myself a messenger who likes to share and create more goodness, joy and peace in the lives of others and became a stellar investigator with a desire to helps others find their truth.

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