Lexington, MA, August 23, 2017 –(PR.com)– Lexington Publishing announces that it has published a new book, “Did Fraud Elect Donald Trump? Addressing the Vote Count in a Few Key Counties.”

Key Points Alleged and Questioned in the Book:
· It only takes modest vote tally changes in a few key counties to win a presidential election
· Electronic voting machines and the software that runs them are vulnerable to fraud without detection
· Stop looking at the Russians and look at a few key counties in a few key states
· Compare the Trump ratios of winning to the ratios of Romney in key states
· Look for anomalies in the ratios
· Electronic voting vulnerabilities to fraud without detection leave an open question as to whether Trump really won the election
· The question of whether Donald Trump is trustworthy and whether his character would support stealing the election
· Has Donald Trump been careful to steer election fraud investigation into voter registration fraud, away from the real vulnerability, voting machine fraud?

About Lexington Publishing
Lexington Publishing is an independent publisher concentrating on job creation, innovation, election process, and integrity in the processes of living. Books focus on timely topics relating to how to create the greater good for all the people of the world.

About Susan Eustis
Susan contributed to the technology of the first electronic voting machine, built a company Valid Vote based on her original designs, and sold the designs to Sequoia. Her patents are under the given name, Mary Susan Huhn.

The book can be purchased at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074X6DBPN

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