St. George, UT, September 07, 2017 –(– Drug abuse and drug addiction statistics are startling. In recent years, prescription drug abuse and addiction has been continually on the rise. From painkillers like hydrocodone to sleeping pills like Ambien or anxiety medications like Xanax the number of prescriptions written for each type of drug increases every year. However, using any of these prescription drugs for a prolonged time can create higher tolerance levels in the person’s system so that they no longer get the same results. Often this results in the individual taking more than is prescribed to achieve the same effect which often leads to drug addiction or drug dependence.

Another common drug abuse problem is when a person takes the medication without a prescription to achieve a “high.” This is particularly dangerous because the person is not under a doctor’s care and does not have a prescribed dose for their body type. has detailed articles with abuse statistics for each type of drug as well as addiction warning signs to look for and treatment options for people addicted to any type of medication or other substance.

In addition to informational articles, visitors will also have access to a comprehensive directory of drug treatment programs and rehabilitation facilities, around the country. A drug rehab program may be needed to help a person detox and get through withdrawal and work towards addiction recovery. The site also includes information about support groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous for patients and/or family and friends of a person suffering from a drug addiction.

Program facilitators can choose to advertise their program with a standard or featured listing on the site. A featured listing is a great way to advertise a treatment program to those individuals that are looking for the best drug rehab program to meet their specific needs. Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is not easy, but it is possible. Individuals or families can visit to get information and research treatment options.

The website has details about what a patient and family can expect before, during, and after addiction treatment. Ongoing help and support will be needed to help the individual maintain sobriety. As family and friends of an addict it is important to learn how you can help and how to keep yourself healthy throughout the recovery process.

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