Oklahoma City, OK, July 18, 2017 –(PR.com)– Draft2Digital and Findaway Voices Partnership Aims to Challenge Audible’s ACX Program.

Today marks the launch of a partnership between publishing aggregator, Draft2Digital, and audiobook production service, Findaway Voices. The partnership opens opportunities for independent authors and publishers to easily produce and distribute audiobooks to over 170 markets, including Amazon’s Audible and Apple iTunes. Indie authors can now produce and publish audiobooks with many of the same advantages gained from independent eBook publishing.

Authors maintain full rights over their work, with the ability to price and distribute their audiobooks without restrictions, and while receiving full royalties. This contrasts with the Audible model, which typically restricts authors to distributing exclusively through their service to gain a better royalty. In addition, Findaway Voices gives authors full control of pricing, and royalties are paid based on the list price. Audible controls all pricing on its platform, and pays based on the sale price they determine.

“The ability to control pricing gives authors several advantages,” says Kevin Tumlinson, Draft2Digital’s Director of Marketing. “They are effectively determining how much they’ll be paid per book, rather than having an amount dictated to them. But being able to set a lower price also means that authors can attract new readers, who might be more willing to take a risk on an untried author, if the audiobook costs only a few dollars.”

D2D and Findaway also aim to break the current credit model that Audible has made prevalent.

“The credit model is bad for authors and readers alike,” explains Tumlinson. “Readers end up limited to only a couple of books per month, because that’s all they have credits for. And they won’t use those credits for shorter books, because they worry about wasting them. Authors, in turn, can’t sell shorter works on Audible, and are forced to bundle them into collections that are price controlled, without their input. This reduces the amount of revenue an author could earn. Our partnership with Findaway Voices gives authors a way to package shorter works, particularly serialized short stories, non-fiction articles, or novellas, and attract an audience with a better price point.”

The D2D and Findaway Voices partnership officially launches today, July 18, 2017, and is open to authors globally, without geographic restrictions. As an exclusive benefit to Draft2Digital authors, Findaway Voices will waive its standard $49 admin fee.

Authors can begin using Findaway voices from their Draft2Digital dashboards, or by visiting https://FindawayVoices.com/D2D. There is no requirement to distribute eBooks through Draft2Digital in order to use Voices, and authors maintain 100% of their rights at all times.

Draft2Digital is the leading eBook distribution aggregator worldwide, delivering works from independent authors and publishers to major online retailers. D2D offers free services and resources to authors, including eBook conversion, automated print layout, marketing tools such as Universal Book Links, and remarkable industry insight and support. Authors keep 100% of their rights, set their own list prices, and enjoy the convenience of a simple, powerful, and elegantly designed sales dashboard. Royalties are paid to authors monthly, once funds are applied to the author’s D2D account. For more information or to explore all the free resources D2D offers, visit https://draft2digital.com

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