eyes growth and the potential to offer better car buying options to UAE’s used car sellers despite the turbulence caused by semiconductor chip shortages that severely hit the automobile manufacturing industry.

DUBAI, UAE, March 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Indeed, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in significant economic impacts whose magnitude will outlast a couple more years to come. For instance, consider the severe consequences that the automobile industry went through because of the pandemic.

With strict Covid-19 regulations and SOPs imposed by all countries globally, the production of many integral components used in a car came to a halt.

One such essential part of every car is a semiconductor chip. The entire functionality mechanism of many modern-day machines such as computers, smartphones, appliances, as well as automobiles is only possible due to these silicon-made chips.

And while the decline in production of semiconductor chips was exactly as anticipated in the case of many other products due to lockdown, what was surprising was an unexpected increase in demand during this time for products whose functionality solely depended on it.

As a result, there was a huge gap between the demand for and production volume or supply of these chips when their manufacturing resumed.

Impact on the car manufacturing industry and consumer demand

As mentioned earlier, the impact of the shortage of semiconductor ships on the automobile industry has been significant.
According to some estimates by a consulting firm Alix Partners, the forecasted figures for 2021 can easily be regarded as highly disturbing. With the unavailability of 7.7 million semiconductor chip units due to a surge in demand, the global loss in revenue for the automobile industry could easily reach $210 billion.

Consequently, many interested new car buyers are finding it very difficult to switch from old cars to newer latest versions.

A shift in consumer choices and trends

Despite the difficulties and inconvenience factors faced by car buyers in purchasing newer latest car models, the overall demand for cars continues to grow. Rather than pausing their car buying spree until the supply of new cars meets its demand levels, car buyers are preferring to buy pre-owned used vehicles instead.

This change in consumer behavior overall means a huge potential in the used car market, especially for used car buying businesses such as “CarSellZone“.

Car Sell Zone offers complete guidance, facilitation, higher purchase offers, and cash payment options to used car sellers in UAE.

Amid all the difficult situations created by the Covid-19 pandemic for car buyers, sellers, and manufacturers alike, Car Sell Zone is all set to expand its one-stop used car buying facility and offer better opportunities to used car sellers across UAE.

With a simple three-step online form on their website to generate a completely free online used car valuation, booking an appointment and closing the sale with a cash payment has never been much easier.

Thus, if you are planning to experience a different car but are worried about selling the old one first, companies such as Car Sell Zone offer a unique and reliable opportunity to get started.

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