Big Data Space Service applied with Computer Vision IT, Enjoy YouTube Video Contents on the Map!

ANYANG, KOREA, September 30, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — ‘Dataking’, that is famous for big data space service applied with computer vision IT, will newly release ‘BideoMap’ 2.0 version on Oct. 1st(Sun). This has been hugely modified and improved from the 1.0 version, that was released on Dec. 2016, and was progressed by receiving active investment of Korea Land and Geospatial InformatiX Corporation.

BideoMap is a service that enables the 360 degrees panorama video to be played on the map. Anyone can easily enjoy by uploading the 360 degrees contents on the Youtube or Google map. Not only uploading, but it is also possible to share the contents with the worldwide people through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

In addition, the BideoMap can be easily used without any application. It is practical as it links to google map without log-in. General users can receive every corner of the desired information without any blind spot, and can directly go for it based on the google map. Not only this, for advertisers, BideoMap can be used as Video commerce(v-commerce) platform. It can promot restaurants, hotel, activity and others variously by using the channel.

The newly released BideoMap 2.0 version feature can be explained by dividing into minimizing the buffering speed and user environment. By minimizing the exiting video operated buffering speed to 50%, the buffering speed has been reduced to 10 seconds, and the target user’s using environment has been hugely improved by operating screen enlargement of 360VR video, web main color change, and others.

Currently Dataking is adding 360 degrees VR contents of museum and art gallery that can be visually watched if clicked on google map. This corresponding project is being participated by museum of Univesity, National Museum of Korea, D Museum, including Sook Myung University, Samyook University, and it is expected to be valuable information to students for a lively education. BideoMap 2.0 of Dataking is expected to be used in a variety of other fields including education, movies, music videos and sports broadcasts. However, the VR function only operates on VR viewer equipment, and it is replaced by a 3D view that can be viewed in three dimensional for users who do not have a viewer device.

Meanwhile, BideoMap is being attracted not only in Korea, but by various users regardless of man or woman globally. As of July 2017, there are about 12,286 global users of BideoMap, which is growing by 10% per month. BideoMap is used in various countries such as Korea, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia, and it is expected that the number of countries and users will increase in the future.

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