American HealthCare Academy provides a free online CPR certification course to help them recognize medical emergencies like sudden cardiac arrest.

IRVING, TX, March 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Great news for construction workers! American HealthCare Academy provides a free online CPR certification course to help them recognize medical emergencies like sudden cardiac arrest. This course is very important for construction workers because it can teach them how to save someone’s life during a medical emergency. In addition to CPR certification, American HealthCare Academy offers other lifesaving courses like First Aid and BLS that construction workers can enroll in too!

Construction workers have tough jobs, and they put their lives at risk every day by working on construction sites. Sometimes they have to move heavy things around, which can be dangerous. They are more likely to get hurt or have accidents like hurting a muscle, falling, feeling dizzy, having trouble breathing, or choking. These incidents can lead to really big problems, one of which is sudden cardiac arrest.

It’s really helpful for construction workers to learn CPR online because they can use it to help someone in trouble. If someone is feeling faint, choking, having trouble breathing, or passes out, other workers can use their CPR skills to help them. By taking the free online CPR certification course from American HealthCare Academy, construction workers can improve their chances with our life-saving courses. Emergencies can happen without warning, and workers know this because there are a lot of accidents that can happen at construction sites. So, learning CPR carefully and accurately is an important skill for construction workers.

The good news is that American HealthCare Academy makes signing up for their course easy. Workers can create an account on their website in just a few minutes. Then, they can choose the course they want to take and start learning by reading one chapter at a time. It’s super simple! Additionally, they can print out a free certification card when they finish the course and pass the final quiz with a score of 75% or higher.

In addition to the free online CPR certification course, American HealthCare Academy (AHCA) offers other courses to help people learn important skills to save lives in different situations. These courses include First Aid and BLS. After completing these courses, workers can earn Continuing Education (CE) credit hours per industry standards. This means they can get credit for learning these valuable skills, which can help them in their careers. The CE credits show that they have completed a certain number of hours of training, which can be important for some jobs or certifications. AHCA or American HealthCare Academy makes it easy for workers to get the training they need to be safe and successful on the job.

For some construction workers, having a CPR certification course with CE credit hours might be a requirement to get a job at a good construction company. This means that the employer wants to make sure that workers know how to respond in case of a medical emergency on the job site. Luckily, American HealthCare Academy offers a CPR course certification with a 98% national acceptance rate. Most employers will accept the certification as proof that workers have the necessary skills. However, if, for some reason, an employer does not accept the certification, American HealthCare Academy offers a 100% refund. So workers can be confident that they are getting a valuable certification to help them in their careers.

Construction workers have an opportunity to learn lifesaving skills for free by taking the online CPR certification course offered by American HealthCare Academy. The course materials follow the latest 2020 American Heart Association guidelines and are designed to be easy to understand and follow. This means that workers can learn the skills they need to save lives without feeling overwhelmed or nervous. This course allows construction workers to become reliable first responders when a medical emergency happens around them. They can feel confident in their ability to act and help someone in need. This is an important skill, not just on the job site but in any situation where someone might need CPR. By taking this course, workers can make a difference in the world by learning how to save lives.

Register today for a CPR certification course at American HealthCare Academy within seconds of your time! If you have any questions about creating an account, making wallet card payments, or group discounts, American HealthCare Academy’s Customer Support staff are here to help. Just reach out to them for assistance.

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