The Construction Defect Center now fears cast iron waste water plumbing pipe made in China may be defective and they are also extremely worried about other types of Chinese made plumbing pipe that could used in a home or commercial building.

WASHINGTON, DC, March 28, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Construction Defect Center says, “After the toxic Chinese drywall disaster you would think US home builders, developers, building supply wholesalers, and big box home improvement stores would have sensitivity to any type of building product made in China. It would appear the next new disaster about to hit US homeowners or property owners is poorly made Chinese cast iron pipes. When will we learn our lesson about buying building or construction products made in China?

“Just as a recap about toxic Chinese drywall, the gasses being emitted by toxic Chinese drywall are powerful enough to eat holes in the copper coils of a home’s or building’s air conditioning system. We are certain homeowners stuck in these homes will die prematurely. While we do not think Chinese made cast iron pipe will kill you. An impacted property owner will probably need to replace it if you have it. We now need more information related to plumbing pipe made in China. If defective Chinese made pipe was also used in residential home or commercial natural gas lines-we may have a much more serious problem.” http://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

The Construction Defect Center is seeking information from plumbers and or air conditioning technicians regarding the following types of Chinese made cast iron pipe or Corrugated stainless steel tubing:
* The group would like to hear from a plumber if they have specific information about failures involving Chinese made cast iron waste water pipe in residential or commercial real estate.

* The group would like to hear from a plumber if they have specific information about failures involving Chinese made black metal pipe used for natural gas transmission in residential or commercial real estate in any US state.

* The Construction Defect Center would also like to hear from plumbers if they have specific information about Chinese made Corrugated stainless-steel tubing (CSST) used for natural gas transmission in a home or commercial building anywhere in the United State.

* The time frames for the use of these types of plumbing pipes is probably from 2000 until the present time. If a plumber or plumbing contractor has information about failures of any types of Chinese made plumbing pipe, tubing or any other type of plumbing product they are urged to contact the Construction Defect Center via their contact page. All submissions will be confidential. http://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

The biggest worry the Construction Defect Center has is that China does not stand behind the products it makes. Some of the attorneys involved in the toxic Chinese drywall litigation have not yet been paid, and many impacted homeowners are still waiting to have their homes repaired. If the potentially defective Chinese cast iron pipe or plumbing products that have been listed turn out to be defective as the group now fears the question is, “Who is going to pay the bar tab this time?”

According to the Construction Defect Center, “US home builders, construction companies, and consumers should stop purchasing building products made in China given their history in making poorly made products in combination with not standing by their products. If US home builders, contractors or consumers need affordable building products made in another country we would propose the creation of a manufacturing sector in India dedicated to producing very high-quality building products or plumbing products for the US marketplace with the caveat being the Indian manufacturers must have insurance and or a government that will stand behind their products.

“The generosity of US consumers has made China a very wealthy nation. How does China repay the USA? China is now producing hyper sonic nuclear missiles that will penetrate the USA’s nation’s missile defense system and or anti-ship missiles that will annihilate a US Navy Air Craft Carrier Battle Group. Why do business with a nation that targets our nation’s navy fleet or the continental United States? India does not constantly threaten the USA or our allies.” http://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

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