At that moment, between life and death, the past and present merge, and time standstill. In just a few brief seconds, the protagonist relives his entire life.

EL LAGO, TX, April 30, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — ‘Choices -As Fate Would Have It’ is a retelling of the real-life, singular moment in the aspiring author Art DiNick’s life that completely changed his perspective on the meaning of life. The book is a faithful but in-depth recollection of the fateful day when a car crash almost ended the author’s life. It talks about what a person goes through during a near-death moment. At that moment, when life is hanging by a thread, and things could go either way, a person’s memories of the past and the present merge, and time stands still. In those few seconds, a person relives their whole life in a few seconds.

Sometimes in life, people come face to face with defining moments so profound that it shakes their understanding of life. Not only that, but these moments enable the person to rethink their outlook on life, reevaluate beliefs, and spur them on to question their choices. And no incident is more profound and painful for a person to go through than a near-fatal accident. Besides the physical injuries and their potential for inflicting lifelong disability, an accident that pushes a person to the edge of oblivion also tends to inflict psychological trauma. Although rare, these psychologically profound events leave scars that can help people grow beyond their self-constructed world.

Art DiNick’s first writing endeavour, ‘Choices -As Fate Would Have It,’ is, on the surface, a book about a near-death experience resulting from a race car crash. It explores the author’s life in flashbacks, triggered by the collision, with old and recent memories coming together. In essence, the book depicts the experience of life flashing before one’s eyes.

About the author:
Art DiNick has worn many hats in his illustrious career. He served as the head of the Cracking Reactor Design Group and Lead Specialist at Exxon. During his 34 years of service at Exxon, Art DiNick invented and co-developed a major portion of Exxon’s Cracking Reactor technology. Throughout his excellent career at Exxon, he won the most valuable patent award twice and has numerous non-US patents under his belt. Due to such an exemplary level of commitment to his field, Art DiNick was awarded the Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award. Art DiNick also managed to become an excellent pilot, earning his license and even building his experimental aircraft. Now an aspiring writer, Art DiNick authors an autobiographical tale that tells the story of his car crash in a race and how it was a profound event in his life.

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