Did You Choose Your Parents? is the true story of one man’s quest to keep a PRE-BIRTH vow given to a universal collective consciousness. Promising to further world peace, Bob Ritter was granted advanced cognitive abilities.

OWINGS, MD, May 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The assassinations of President John F. Kennedy along with Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., weighed heavily on Bob Ritter. Due to the tragedy caused by these murders and the unfulfilled “what ifs” had these champions of peace and racial harmony not been cut down in their prime, Bob dedicated his life to preventing the assassination of the U.S. President who would be elected in 1980. This President (Ronald Reagan) was supposedly the next cursed to die in office. Since 1840, every President elected or re-elected in a year ending in zero had died before completing their term. Of those seven Presidents, four died by assassination!

Becoming a U.S. Secret Service agent, Bob developed new procedures and fought to prevent the opening to the public of the Presidential arrival area of the Washington Hilton Hotel. Several years after his warning went unheeded, a would-be assassin fired a gun from this very same location on March 30, 1981. President Reagan and three others were wounded. The President came very close to dying and fulfilling the curse once again. Fortunately, Reagan survived due to the efforts of the Secret Service along with the trauma team at George Washington University Hospital. President Reagan, as leader of the free world, went on to bring down the Berlin Wall, end the Cold War, and pursue peace through strategic arms limitation.

“The promise Bob Ritter made BEFORE birth and how his life has played out, not only has you turning the pages to discover and understand his journey; it also has you wondering about your own life – your decisions, your path, and your own parents.” – Dr. Mary Beth Wilkas Janke, Ph.D.

“An eye-opening glimpse inside the experiences and beliefs of a Secret Service agent.”- Kirkus Reviews

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A True-Crime Memoir with Otherworldly Overtones


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