A Tennessee-based company, BioPet Laboratories, believes it has a solution that can greatly reduce the Chicago rat problem and save money for Chicago taxpayers.

KNOXVILLE, TN, December 18, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Despite a 10.2 million dollar budget and 120 employees directed to rodent control, The city of Chicago has been named the “Rattiest City in the Country” for three consecutive years. A Tennessee-based international biotechnology company, BioPet Laboratories, believes it has a solution that can greatly reduce the Chicago rat problem and save money for Chicago taxpayers.

“Dog waste is the number one food source for rodents, and with over 40 percent of dog owners not picking up, there is no shortage of food for the rapidly growing rodent population. The dog waste problem is reaching crisis proportions because the number of dogs in the U.S. has grown dramatically over the past 10 years, especially in urban areas,” said BioPet president, J Retinger.

Specializing in animal genetics, BioPet Laboratories has been in the forefront of dog waste management in the United States since the 2011 launch of their flagship product, PooPrints. The program was introduced to help apartment complexes and multi-family housing facilities solve their dog waste problem through DNA technology–matching the unscooped dog waste to the offending dog. Today the program is utilized by more than 2600 properties across the U.S., Canada, and the UK.

“Throughout major urban areas like Chicago, individual multi-family property owners have implemented dog waste management programs like PooPrints, with many seeing a 95 percent drop in unscooped dog waste. The simple question is why should Chicago taxpayers have to pay for irresponsible dog owners? The simple answer is that the city of Chicago could save millions by requiring multi-family property owners to implement and maintain a dog waste program” Retinger stated. “The program could be as simple as changing citywide ordinances for condo and apartment complexes requiring dog registration policies that include DNA registration. The growth of dog ownership and the parallel growth of the rat population will only continue to grow. A strong dog waste management program can have a positive impact for Chicago and other urban areas–eliminating dog waste, and the rat problem, for good.”


BioPet Laboratories is an international biotechnology company specializing in animal genetics. The company’s full-service laboratory provides comprehensive DNA analysis, reporting, research and product development. BioPet Laboratories’ mission is to promote responsible pet ownership, provide pet waste management solutions and to improve public facility access enabling owners to take their pets anywhere. For more information about BioPet Laboratories or its DNA-based pet products, contact us at www.biopetlabs.com or call (865) 546-2862.

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