Each NFTs of the Salty Sharks Uprising play a pivotal role in the evolving Lore of the aquatic multiverse.

HARLAXTON, AUSTRALIA, January 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Salty Sharks Uprising, an NFT-based platform with a rich story-driven Lore, is immensely glad to announce that the minting phase of the project is live. The collection features seven different species, which is an amalgamation of 6 species of Sharks and 1 species of Mermaid.

Salty Sharks Uprising is an impressive collection of 7007 meticulously designed NFTs that are structured within seven different classes (Star, Horse, Shell, Trident, Cross, Skull, and Crown). These classes (Orders) and traits of the NFTs decide their rarity. The traits are further classified into Background, Skin, Clothing, Eyes, Head, Mouth, Accessories, Carrying, Order, and Rank. There are 999 NFTs and 2 special NFTs in each species, contributing to a total of 7007 NFTs.

This aquatic multiverse bestows an all-inclusive NFT investment bundle by starting with phenomenal artworks spawned by world-class digital graphic artists. To add an extra layer of engagement, the platform matches these creations with an incredible story-driven Lore. It has 14 engaging and exciting stories of the Lore, and it is readily available to either read or listen to. The platform interconnects all these with the ultimate objective of providing environmental messages for people all across the globe to conserve aquatic wildlife and ocean conservation. The blend of two of the finest forms of arts – Literary Stories and Graphic Arts make the Salty Sharks project stand out in the crowd.

The minting of Salty Sharks NFTs provides the users with an assorted range of benefits. The various On-Mint and Post-Mint perks include:

• Access to multifarious merchandise

• 2% of the secondary sale will be allocated to a community wallet each month to pay holder prizes for discord and website games

• Opportunity for a holder’s NFT to be included in the Lore, thus earning them royalties

• Bonuses (in ETH) for the collectors who collect a complete set of classes

• Access to giveaways and drops

• Access to already live ‘play-to-earn’ metaverse game with your NFT as your avatar

• Earn free collectible commemorative coins issued in special and exclusive series to celebrate your investment, and much more.

The platform makes the process of minting very simple. The price of Salty Sharks NFTs is 0.0495 ETH. Everything that users need to do is simply connect their wallet with an appropriate price along with a gas fee to mint their favorite Salty Sharks.

An early adopter of these precious NFTs will have the chance to reap outstanding perks and rewards.

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