ANIL UZUN will talk about the travel restrictions and the predicted time frame for the bans to be lifted. ANIL UZUN scheduled “Coronavirus Travel Restrictions: When Will The Bans Be Lifted?” for Monday, March 1, at 12:00pm CET.

VALLETTA, MALTA, February 27, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — ANIL UZUN says “Since the pandemic started there have been travel restrictions from all around the world. And the mutant type of the COVID19 virus emerged, more travel bans were introduced and borders were closed. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has advised against restricting travel and trade during the pandemic. So what is next?” He continues: “I will try to give information on the latest travel bans and make predictions on the upcoming travel ban lifts in light of the developments.”

“We just want sun. It is already March, it is time to make early booking for a holiday to get a good deal. But the travel bans keep us from planning trips. As soon as restrictions are lifted, bookings will rocket!” ANIL UZUN says.

On the live broadcast ANIL UZUN will talk with his guests on the possible date for the travel bans to be lifted. ANIL UZUN scheduled “Coronavirus Travel Restrictions: When will the bans be lifted?” for Monday, March 1, at 12:00pm CET.


ANIL UZUN is a travel enthusiast, and what he loves the most is to travel with his loved ones. In short, he loves to make the most out of life. Anıl Uzun started traveling when he was very young. In 2007, he began to take notes of his trips and created a travel journal. He has been traveling all around the world for about 13 years.

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