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LOS ANGELES, CA, March 26, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mr Shamrock would today like to state on record how much he regrets his personal conduct in relation to a family matter which has come to light in the public domain over the past few days. Whilst the events on March 2nd concerning Mr Shamrock’s mother and her pet dogs are not to be taken lightly, the circumstances leading up to March 2nd are worth noting for due consideration.

As a man devoted to his family, the combined experiences of losing a brother to suicide in the last 12 months followed by nearly losing his mother in a car accident would test the mental and emotional resolve of most people let alone Mr Shamrock who have suffered a similar fate or worse. Mr Shamrock’s mother endured life debilitating injuries as the result of the car accident – this subsequently led to Mr Shamrock becoming power of attorney in relation to assuming care responsibilities for Mrs Ohalloran’s 2 pet dogs, Zelda (aged 7) and Rex (aged 2 and who was initially adopted).

It quickly became apparent that due to Mr Shamrock’s living arrangements in California and his mother’s living arrangements in Dallas, a solution had to be found to rehouse the dogs by March 2nd. Mr Shamrock had already made arrangements to fly back to California from Dallas to attend to his sick wife. The solution to rehouse the dogs was further compounded by a scenario with the airline who were not in a position to allow Mrs Ohalloran’s dog to board the plane for the safety of children (due to the size of the dog and Zelda’s position as a guard dog, which means she may become unpredictable and nip passangers).

Left with little choice, Mr Shamrock used his profile as a former professional athlete with the UFC, utilising his powerful social media platforms as a call to action, asking for people to assume care responsibilities for the eldest of the 2 dogs, Zelda.

Mr Shamrock then contacted Animal Cruelty as is the norm in these circumstances. He was dually notified that the dog could only be collected by the organisation, 24- 72 hours after the matter is first reported based on priority. He continued to search for a solution en route to the airport, driving to several animal shelters – to no avail. With no other options available to him as he saw fit, Mr Shamrock took compassionate action in leaving his mother’s pet dog behind, housing the lapradoodle safely inside of his mother’s truck. Zelda was provided with sufficient food and water supplies and her paperwork was visible for a passerby to easily identify her.

Once Mr Shamrock boarded the flight and arrived back in California, he continued to monitor developments regarding the collection of the dog viw Animal Cruelty who notified him that Zelda had been relocated to SPCA after 5 days on March 7th. Soon after, it was reported that a police detective visited Mrs Shamrock’s house, issuing a warrant to officially seize the dog. This is standard procedure to relinquish the ownership of a micro-chipped pet from its previous owner.

To date, Mr Shamrock has not been formally charged with any misdemenour offence. An investigation is on-going regarding the safety of Mrs Shamrock’s pet dog and the personal conduct of my client which has been brought into question. Mr Shamrock is adamant that he acted in good faith to rehouse his mother’s pet, Zelda and will continue to advocate for the safety of animals by supporting SPCA and other organisations.

Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe

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