Amudim spearheads community-wide change in the Jewish Orthodox sector by overcoming societal taboos and raising awareness on abuse and addictions; funding therapy and rehab for victims; and implementing vital educational programs. Historic campaign!

NEW YORK, NY, August 14, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — In the course of a 36-hour fundraiser launched on July 31, over 2200 donors responded enthusiastically to Amudim’s annual fundraising campaign, raising nearly $5.4 million to cover operating costs and programming in its USA and Israel offices. Amudim is a non-profit association that implements educational programs to raise awareness on abuse and addictions within the Jewish Orthodox sector and funds therapy and rehab for victims.

Sexual abuse and addictions have long been taboo in the Jewish Orthodox sector, which places strong values on family and modesty. Yet founder Rabbi Zvi Gluck emphasizes that “It’s time to put victims and their emotional health first. We have to stop worrying about shielding abusers and instead think about helping victims whose life are irrevocably altered.”

The record-breaking “I Give With Heart” Charidy campaign on behalf of Amudim was dedicated in memory of Amudim’s founder and chairman, Cleveland philanthropist Mr. Mendy Klein, who passed away on May 3rd. In his lifetime, Klein passionately advocated against abuse and addiction and contributed generously to Amudim.

The successful campaign featured a two-and-a-half hour livestream and interviews with elected officials, community leaders and sexual abuse survivors, the hard-hitting content leaving many viewers deeply moved. One speaker was Baruch Sandhaus, first molested at the age of 7 and now a grandfather. Speaking emotionally about his experiences, he urged victims to reach out to Amudim for help.

“The fact that so many banded together for this cause is testament that we as a community are standing up for those who can’t speak for themselves,” said Gluck. “This is only the beginning since there is much more that we need to do and many more victims who need our help, so no member of our community ever has to suffer in silence again.”


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